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The Carrington Partnership

240 Wellington Road South, Stockport, Cheshire, SK2 6NW View Map

Tel: 0161 4800099

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Completely Untrustworthy and Unprofessional
Posted:  Jade Ginger 15 August 2016 Report abuse

I rented with this Agency in 2015 and was, in my opinion (and objectively - paid rent on time, improved the property, good neighbour etc) a good tenant. Upon checkout I cleaned the property from bottom to top, including hiring a carpet cleaner at additional cost to clean all the carpets. I admittedly was unable to arrange for a professional clean of the oven as stipulated by my tenancy agreement but this was my only failing upon check out - I did however still clean this myself to a high standard. This agency charged me £54 (£30 for the oven and £24 for 'general cleaning') for the cost of remedial cleaning by a professional cleaner called Feetam Cleaning Services (of which there are no records online and I strongly suspect was a 'company' affiliated to the Agency (i.e. the manager's friend or something similar which caused me to suspect this cleaning wasn't actually carried out...). Their remedial cleaning rates were £12 an hour and I therefore queried how an oven clean from a professional cleaner could take 2.5 hours. I also queried the additional 2 hours for general cleaning which was not required as i had cleaned the house completely.

Further, the additional £24 for general cleaning was not a figure notified to me in their initial list of deposit deductions - it was only after i queried the cost of the oven cleaning that this cost was added and they Agency threatened to deduct monies for other unjustified items. Indeed, at one point they referred to me as 'pedantic'. They acted very unprofessionally in many regards and were not transparent in any respect. For example the 'evidence' they submitted to me of the cleaning costs was simply an unsigned invoice on plain paper.

It is only due to events in my personal life that I was unable to raise an official dispute with the TDS as the 3 month deadline for raising a dispute since the end of the tenancy has now passed.

I feel like this Agency was trying a trick employed by a number of agencies and tried to claim unjustified monies in the hope that the tenant wouldn't challenge them. Well I did challenge them as being unscrupulous and unjustified. As the TDS website stresses - the deposit monies are the tenant's monies and it for the agency to justify and evidence any deductions from the tenant's deposit monies. In my opinion, this evidence was not sufficient and simply did not add up in my mind and this Agency's actions here were not in keeping with the spirit of the TDS 's rules or any other letting agency code out there. I just wish circumstances had allowed me to raise an official dispute with the TDS so they could have their comeuppance.

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