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The Lifestyle Letting Agency

121 Whalley Road, Ramsbottom, Bury, Lancashire, BL0 0DG View Map

Tel: 01706 823131

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Posted:  Nicky Johnson 14 April 2016 Report abuse

I have rented properties throughout Greater Manchester for the past 12 years. This estate agents is by far the worst I have ever come across. You have to avoid this estate agents at all costs.

In December 2014 I rented a small one bedroom cottage from Lifestyle and this seemed to be a straightforward process. Yes you have to pay the usual ridiculous "admin" fees for the "application" to rent the properties which most agents charge, but then there are other fees on top which they don't tell you about until they come out of your account at a later date.

They say that you need to take a folder with you when you take the keys. It contains around 4 sheets of paper which talks about fire safety. They say that you must pay £25.00 if you lose that folder. You have to take the folder as well. So basically they are making £25.00 out of people there for those poor soles that lose the four sheets of paper, god help them.

A check out fee of £54.00 comes out of your deposit. I have no idea where that money goes. But it goes from your deposit.

When I moved into the property it was absolutely filthy. I took pictures of everything. If I had not, then I would have had no leg to stand on. It had dust everywhere, food stains in the kitchen, there was even a half eaten block of cheese stuck to the bottom of the fridge. It was disgusting.

I had to clean the property myself despite them saying that it had been professionally cleaned. A fee which they no doubt charged the previous unlucky tenant for.

When I left the property and returned the keys, I left the house in an immaculate condition. I re grouted all the bathroom and kitchen, re painted the walls. Tidied up the paint which had come away from the skirting boards. The house looked brand new. They attempted STILL to charge my for cleaning the property, by saying there was a light trace of dust. I sent them pictures of the cheese in the fridge and other areas but they weren't interested.

If I wasn't a lawyer, then I feel I would have struggled to get anything back off them. They kept the money in their account for the longest time possible when they advised me that the woman who deals with the money was on annual leave.

Just avoid this agency. I know I will in future.

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