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Your Move

79, London Rd, Waterlooville, PO7 7EL View Map

Tel: 023 9226 2616

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Fantastic Agent,
Posted:  sue weller 12 January 2014 Report abuse

Your Move is a very professional Letting/Sales Estate Agents, When i found a property to rent through them, viewing arranged quickly and they are very professional, explained fully all monies required and when they would need them. All paperwork is done professionally, and every step of the way is fully explained. The property i rented i deal direct with the Landlord for repairs and problems etc and i have also found the Landlord to be very good and quick at dealing with repairs. The estate agent knows their Landlords as well, so if your Landlord didnt respond the Estate Agent is quite happy to deal with any issues and deal with the Landlord for you. Everything about rental is dealt with very professionally,from start to finish, and process is very quick. i have rented for a long time now, and i would definately recommend anyone renting to use an Estate Agent/Letting Agent, they do now all legalities involved regarding rentals. deposits are secured correctly and properly. The only downside i have found is cost of Tenancy Renewal, so if you are renting 6 monthly/ Yearly you have to pay a fee to renew everytime and i do feel this should be a 'one off NOT everytime.

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