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Amazing option if you want legal advice online from a Property Solicitor
Posted by:  Joe Nevis 11 April 2015 Report abuse

My landlord tried pulling a fast one on me, and wanted to kick me out of the property illegally. He sent me loads of letter with legal jargon. But if anyone had anything to complain about, it should be me, he never responded to my requests for repairs ever. To cut the long story short, I needed legal advice from a Solicitor, I could not afford the normal hourly rate of a Property Solicitor, which sometimes goes up to £400 an hour in London. So I used to speak to a Property Solicitor online, for a fixed fee I got to speak to a Solicitor online through instant messaging style chat for up to 7 days, I got all my legal questions answered on how to deal with my landlord and what my tenants rights actually where. The service was amazing, and the Solicitor really helpful, this is the way legal advice should be give, it should be easy and able to get online. Really love their service, I will definitely use it again, if I ever need legal advice.

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