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4 Freelancing Jobs That Can Earn You Money Today

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If you never read Ivanhoe, freelance first emerged as a term to describe a mercenary for hire, who is not part of an official army.

Two hundred years later, freelancing is a common term for self-employed professionals who are not committed to long term contracts with a specific employer. Freelancing is based on performing a specific task or a schedule of tasks before the job is considered done and payment due.

Freelancing is great because it’s flexible. Unlike a conventional 9-to-5, you don’t need to spend a specific amount of time working. You can work in short bursts and do other activities in between. Furthermore, you’re not dependent on a location. Say goodbye to the office and hello to the couch. To do freelancing, you only need a laptop (sometimes even a tablet) and a good internet connection and you can work as well and as efficiently as any of your office colleagues.

Best thing about freelancing is you can do as little or as much as you want. Freelancing is the opposite of commitment. You can combine it with your regular job, OR , do just a little bit around holidays to help cover the celebration costs, OR , devote entirely to freelancing as your main source of income.

So, here are 4 freelancing jobs that YOU can do to earn money.


Copywriting is THE MOST accessible freelance work. All you need is good English (or another language) and there is most certainly copywriting work for you.

As you know, most content on the Internet is text (this blog included). And all this text for all these websites that are trying to get a piece of the pie needs to be written by somebody.

In a sea of bad grammar, plagiarism and auto-generated text, there is a huge demand for good writers. If you have a degree in literature, linguistics or any other studies which relate to languages, you’re already a better copywriter than most.

If you’re not, there are thousands of resources online to get you started. Furthermore, there are copywriting jobs that don’t require too much creativity and skill.


If you studied a second language or you’re not an English speaking native, you’re already a step ahead.

Translating is great because you don’t need to be creative in your writing. You just need to be accurate and deliver high-quality translations. There are great returns for those that juggle words fast enough.

There is more demand and higher pay for some particular languages, but knowing two languages means you can definitely find freelance translation jobs online.

Digital odd jobs

Big e-commerce businesses require a huge amount of maintenance. Each time they launch a new product line, for example, there are tens to tens of thousands of new pages created. All these pages require various types of data to be created and organised before launch.

To do this in short time and in big scale, businesses outsource this work to agencies and data entry companies, who in turn find the necessary amount of people to manually research, extract, write, organise and enter this data in the appropriate place.

From page SEO elements like titles and descriptions, to product reviews, specs and different manufacturing data, to online research and data extraction. There are literally millions of odd jobs that require a personal touch.

It’s not the most interesting job in the world, but it requires no skill and very little training. If you’re looking for a place to start, this is the best one.

Social Media Management

Managing the social media accounts of big blogs requires a lot of time and input. This work is also very diverse. There is copywriting involved, as everything on the internet. However, there is also planning and strategy required to post the right content for maximum reach and engagement.

Graphic designers also have a role. As you know pictures and videos are the most successful content in social media, so there is extra work involved in making sure the graphic content is specifically prepared for each network.

Finally, if the page is high profile and gets a lot of exposure, people will send messages and comments at a huge rate. While it’s impossible to answer everyone, you have to monitor the page closely and identify important engagement that’s worth following up with a personal response.

The bigger the page, the more work is required, that’s why companies often hire freelance social media managers to handle all the associated tasks.


There are many more online jobs out there. The four we picked are tailored to beginners with minimal skills and experience. If they don’t fit your skill set, or you’re more advanced the sky’s the limit.