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Accessorise your kitchen

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accessorise your kitchen

The kitchen is often the focal point for many families. It is the place where meals are prepared and families can catch up on their day often without the distraction of TV to hinder the conversation.

As we already know from previous blogs, expressing yourself can be that little bit harder when it comes to keeping within the guidance of your tenancy agreement. But there are ways you can have a sense of self in your kitchen and have your deposit returned in full!

Colour combinations

A great place to start is with appliances. If you have a white based kitchen, the monochrome look is easy to achieve and will never go out of style like other trends. Black kettles and toasters are easy to find, add black and white tea towels and a checked tablecloth and voila!

If you prefer a bright pop of colour, then primary colours create a cheerful environment. If you want to create a calmer space then opt for neutrals or pretty pastels instead. Lighter shades will still create an impact especially if you carry the theme to your table setting.

Take a seat

Dining chairs and kitchen stools at the breakfast bar instead can also add some personality. If money is an issue then keep in mind the idea of upcycling (something ideal for those who are renting their property) where you take an old piece of furniture and paint it in your choice of colour. Mismatched styles and colours are great for that shabby chic look.

Chalk it up

Blackboard walls are on-trend right now; not only do they look great they are incredibly practical for busy lifestyles making it easy to create shopping lists and keep track of important dates. They also give the kids something fun to do while dinner is being served.

Your tenancy agreement probably won’t allow you to make such drastic changes to the décor and if a large chalk board is out of your budget, you could always paint a large recycled piece of wood with blackboard paint.

With these easy tips mealtime will never be bland. Now all you need to do is create meals to match the flavour and vibrancy of your new decor – bon appetite!

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