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Gone for Good - The App That Every Mover Needs

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Technology is starting to seep through into every aspect of our lives and the property industry is no different. This new app is the one piece of tech you need this spring…

Gone for Good is the ultimate app for clearing your property, which we all know is particularly popular at this time of year.

It’s the perfect opportunity to start getting rid of things you don’t need, rearranging your furniture and giving your home a thorough spring clean. If you plan to clear your clutter over the next few months, download Gone for Good now!

The app makes it easy for you to get rid of your unwanted belongings in the most ethical manner possible – you can donate your items to charity shops in your local area through the app, which stops them ending up in landfill and helps to provide the essential stock they need.



How to use Gone for Good

Gone for Good makes it easy to donate unwanted goods to a charity of your choice. Help charities support their important causes and prevent sealable items ending up in the landfill by getting rid of your clutter. Find out how you can do a good deed today with Gone for Good.

Step 1: Download the app free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Step 2: Select Just Landlords or Landlord News in the drop-down menu of how you heard about us.

Step 3: Take up to three photos of the items you want to donate. Take photos of three rooms for a clearance.

Step 4: Choose to either donate specific items or many pieces as part of home/office clearance.

Step 5: Pick the category that best describes your items.

Step 6: Select the amount that your items originally cost.

Step 7: Fill in your personal details.

Step 8: Choose a charity to donate your items to – They will come to collect it.

Step 9: Add Gift Aid to your donation and the charity will receive an extra 25% of the price of your items.

Step 10: Confirm that all your details are correct.

Step 11: Add as much additional information as possible to help the charity understand what your donation includes.

Step 12: Review your donation and you’re ready to go! Simply await collection from your chosen charity.

It will cost you nothing to donate your items through Gone for Good, and you can sit back knowing you’ve done something good for charities in your local area and the environment – Gone for Good aims to re-channel 6% of the saleable pieces that currently end up in landfill.

Why should you care ?

With spring cleaning right around the corner, it’s as good a time as any to declutter your home, clear some space and do a good deed in the meantime.

Those who are currently moving, or about to move soon should already realise that downsizing their luggage and belongings is the only way to keep your sanity while relocation takes place.

Gone for Good is not only the easiest way to get rid of your unused stuff, but also very time effective – you don’t have to do anything but pile donations close to the front door. A collector will come and take it away, your stress included.

If you’re moving, remember to also check our Ultimate Moving Checklist and never forget another task.

Using Gone for Good also helps the environment. Using the app reduces waste going to landfills and promotes a green culture where functional items and electronics is reused rather than thrown away.

Just Landlords, a specialist landlord insurance provider, and Landlord News, an online news portal, have joined up with Gone for Good to create this handy infographic and encourage all landlords, tenants and homeowners to start using the app to get rid of their unwanted items in a decent way.