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David Cecil's former wife moves into her car after eviction from farmhouse

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david cecils former wife moves into her car after eviction from farmhouse

Vanessa Cecil, the former wife of the late David Cecil, is living in her car after she was evicted from the Yorkshire farmhouse she lived in for 20 years.

The former wife of David Cecil – twin brother of the late racehorse trainer Sir Henry Cecil – is living in a car after being evicted from the Yorkshire farmhouse she has lived in for 20 years. Vanessa Cecil has taken up residence in one of her two cars, while her three dogs and four cats inhabit the other.

“This has been like a savage beating for me,” the 63-year-old third cousin of the late David Cecil, whom she married in 1973, says. “I believed that I would be able to stay in my home for life.”

Vanessa, who has two daughters from the marriage, Sapphire, 30, and Anoushka, 38, was evicted from the Helmsley property at the beginning of December. This followed a lengthy court battle after she was served with an eviction notice for falling behind on the rent.

“I take responsibility for some of the mistakes in my life,” she says. “I admit that in the past I may have been six months behind on the rent.”

Instead of looking for a new home, however, Vanessa will remain in her vehicles. “I have my cars, I own them and no one can take them away from me,” she tells me. “I could not bear to be in another rented house only to have that stripped away from me again.”This is not the first time that Vanessa, who used to run a wine business, has been evicted. In 1993, following her separation from her husband, she was forced to leave her home and fell ill.

“When David left me I went to the doctor, who told me I was borderline clinically depressed, so I took medication to pull myself together,” she says. “I have to be careful otherwise I might start to suffer again.”

Source: The Telegraph

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