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Dust Off Your Tenancy Agreement

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pile of paperwork

A tenancy agreement sets out the contractual arrangements between tenants and their landlord. However, many people cannot find the agreement or are quite confused about what it covers, when it’s due and other key dates to be aware of. At BeeMyMinder we help to take the ‘sting’ out of being reliant on a paper version by providing a free safe and secure online service so it’s never lost.

Where is that tenancy agreement?

Let’s be honest, you need to have easy access to your tenancy agreement at all times. Whether you’ve just found a flood in your flat, the boiler has stopped working or you’re thinking of moving out, it can be stressful dealing with these types of situations (and many, many more). It is even more stressful not being able to quickly find your rental agreement to understand your rights.

Hands-up… do you know right now where it is? Would your fellow tenants know? Most likely it is hidden away with other documents gathering dust in the corner of a room, or maybe with your letting agent.

Remove the reliance on paper

As outlined in our previous blog, BeeMyMinder offers online policy storage where you can save your tenancy agreement, for free. Our aim is to help individuals be in control of their household paperwork and provide instant access wherever they maybe.

As well as being fully safe and secure, you can set a reminder (e-mail, text, or both) that best suits you. Whether it relates to your break clause, when you can give notice, or simply a month before it expires, it gives you time to take appropriate action without being caught out.

Finally, if you need to have it accessed by others, like your fellow flatmates, your partner, or even family members, you can share it with them online too. So if something happens to you, then they have instant access to deals with things.

Hassle free

If you don’t have the tenancy agreement electronically to upload, then we have made it very easy to simply capture key information that you can refer to later, including:

  • Tenancy Type
  • Deposit Value
  • Deposit Held By
  • Break Clause Period
  • Notice Period
  • Are pets / smoking allowed?

Also tick boxes to check you have proof of the following:

  • Electrical Check
  • Boiler Safety Check
  • Smoke Alarm Check

So whether you are about to enter a new agreement, have the current version ‘lying around’ or about to renew, spend only an additional 5 minutes to sign-up, store it, share it and set your reminder.

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BeeMyMinder is pleased to have partnered with The Tenants Voice to support tenants and landlords with better renting experiences. Our service allows you to store tenants’ documents online, including all related bills (which we’ll cover next month).

We hope you found this article useful. Any questions, you can contact us here.