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Good landlords do exist

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good landlords and landladies do exist

I wanted to write something for The Tenants’ Voice because after reading about the many problems people have had with their landlords I think it’s important to let others know that there are good landlords out there.

I found out about the house I am renting through a work colleague and she introduced me to Janet the landlady. I arranged to meet Janet at the property and after a good look around I told her I had a couple of concerns. One was about the lock on the front door and the other was the poor state of window frames which were practically falling apart.

Having rented flats for many years I wasn’t expecting a great deal to be done but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did she replace the lock on the front door but she installed double glazing throughout the whole house before I moved in! This has not only made the house more secure but means my energy bills are less. I also asked her if I could have a water meter installed, a request many landlords refuse, and she agreed immediately.

As with any property things do occasionally go wrong but I could not have asked for a more helpful landlady. In the last two years the toilet has broken, there has been a problem with the overflow and the shower and the washing machine died. Janet has been amazing, if she hasn’t been able to sort the problems quickly herself she has asked me to get things fixed and then has allowed me to deduct the money from my rent. This demonstrates a great amount of trust on her part and a willingness to make sure I am comfortable and have all the facilities I need.

Not only that, she abides by the basic rules that all good landlords should. She will give me plenty of notice should she need access to the property, she is quick to agree to repairs, she organises a gas safety check every year and she was particularly understanding when I had to take sick leave from work and claim benefits for a short time.

In short, she ensures that the house I live in is my home, not just a rented property.

Guest post: Gina Hine, Manchester

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