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Is my landlord responsible for my damaged possessions?

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is my landlord responsible for my damaged possessions

In certain circumstances your landlord may be responsible for damage to your possessions.

Last week we heard from a tenant whose rented house was severely damaged by a dead tree during the recent storm.  The tree came down and crashed through the roof with the ensuing debris breaking and shattering various items belonging to the tenant.

The tree had been reported as being dangerous at the time the tenants moved in but the letting agents and landlord did nothing about it.  Because the letting agents were aware that the tenants had contents insurance, they told them that they should claim on their insurance policy.  Since the estimated value of such a claim would have been in the area of £3,000 the tenants were reluctant to claim since their insurance premiums might be increased when it came to renewal.

So who is responsible?

We spoke to Endsleigh Insurance and their advice was, given the circumstances, that the tenants could claim on their own insurance explaining the details including that the tree had been reported, and they would very likely claim the money back from either the letting agents or landlord’s insurance company.

Hence if you have a problem like this always speak to your insurers explaining all the circumstances and they may be able to help resolve your problem more quickly by paying for the damage and you don’t have to worry about anything else that might happen afterwards.


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