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No re-decorating allowed? No problem!

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no re decorating allowed no problem

It is a common issue for renters up and down the UK: how can you put your own personal sense of style into your home if you cannot drastically alter the look of the property? This is another blog in our series on different ways to personalise your rented home without breaching the terms of your tenancy agreement.

The key is to be inventive in other ways; bringing splashes of colour, texture and style in ways you might not immediately think of.

So let’s talk colour. While beige, off-white, and cream can provide a neutral backdrop but they can also become tiresome quite quickly. If there are pre-existing hooks on the walls then hanging paintings, photographs or framed posters will instantly bring a room to life. But if the walls are freshly plastered and you don’t fancy losing part of your deposit to return them to their glory when checking-out, then it’s time to inject some depth and diversity with interior design.

Shabby chic is a popular style that draws on many inspirations. The beauty of it is that there are no rules – it is a collection of much loved and often much used items that have more than one function. It combines the new with the old so is perfect if you are on a strict budget. From floral prints of Victoriana, Bakelite objects from the 50s, to French country style and the clean lines of Swedish interior design, and functionality of American Shaker style, you can pick and choose items to create a very personal setting in any room of your home. Now you have an excuse to get up early for those car boot sales and vintage fairs.

Colours are usually pastel shades or bright and bold reds if you prefer a colour pop. Mismatched kitchen chairs can be painted in a rainbow of colours to create an eclectic look and instantly change the feel of a room. Second hand side tables with a lick of paint can host an array of knick-knacks, candle-holders and a vase of fresh flowers will add interest and a handy place to sit your china tea-cup.

If you are not keen on the brown carpet you may have been supplied with then you can always opt for a patterned or colourful rug to really make a difference to the room. Coming in a whole manner of sizes and designs, it is easy to make a small feature piece for the centre of the room by popping that freshly painted coffee table on top. Perhaps a more all-encompassing covering would be better if the carpet is really not to your tastes.

Ultimately there is no reason to resign yourself to the landlord’s style (or lack of in some cases!) Whilst keeping within the requirements and responsibilities of your tenancy agreement, you can add small touches that will enable you to feel more at home when you may otherwise feel that you are all but a temporary feature. Happy hunting for those much loved pieces to make your rented space a contented home.

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