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(3/3) Practical Examples of hygge Products for Your Online Shop

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Our hygge series:

We’ve been talking about this “hygge” thing for two articles now and you may still fail to see what is the connection to making a business and earning profit.

In an ocean of products, it is branding that separates those who swim from those who sink. In this article we’ll dive into a practical example of using a popular term to drive the marketing of an otherwise ordinary item.

Hygge is just a pretentious foreign name for something that already exists. But people don’t want cosy, they don’t want comfortable….They want hygge (hue – guh) !

The photo above comes from the Born Peaceful company, which sells clothing and accessories inspired by yoga, relaxation, spirituality…and yes…hygge. It will serve as our practical example how to use a trendy term into your branding and offer a fresh new spin on something that consumers already know.

Sally looks very cosy and comfortable in her brand new Hygge Blanket from Born Peaceful that she purchased for £32.00. She’s all wrapped up, sipping on a cup of hot chocolate, has the lighting dimmed and moody and a bunch of candles light that smell nice. Looks like she’s having the time of her life.

She’s having a hygge, and you want to have it too. Do you know who else wants a hygge ? Your customers. And, they are willing to pay good money for it.

What do you think happens when we do just a quick 10 minute research for products online ? It turns out that there are thousands of cheaper alternatives to the hygge blanket, of comparable size and quality and even color. Just look at the comparison below:

On the left we have the Born Peaceful Hygge blanket. On the right we have a less fancy sounding blanket from Ali Express that took us 2 minutes to find. We selected one with similar size, quality and color to remove most of the variables. With a bit of time put into research you can likely find a blanket half of the price.

The million pound question is:

What is to stop you from purchasing low cost items manufactured in China, invest a tiny bit of money into the local print shop for some “hygge” labels and packaging and selling this for up to 2x the original price ?


There are setup costs and you have to put a lot of time into research and developing an online shop. However, once you get past the preparations, you can simply buy and resell products for your own profit.

The difference is made by highlighting a niche that is of high demand and strategically using branding and marketing to increase the cost of products you get cheap.

Here is another example using another product from Born Peaceful – a lovely lavender candle. Again, it took us 2 minutes to find a comparable lavender candle for the same price but almost double the volume.

As you can see with both examples, the most significant difference that drives most of the price is in the branding, packaging and product photography. Lovely toned colours, beautiful typography and simple, almost minimalistic branding. It all plays with the customer’s emotion and provokes them to mentally place themselves in a nice warm room with a candle and a blanket.

The chinese merchants put less time in photographing beautiful compositions and instead opted for the 2 minute photoshop job. As a result their product looks cheap and disconnected.

What stops you to take the latter and turn it into the first, reaping the profits into your pockets ?

Absolutely nothing.

As a conclusion, we just want to mention that hygge is just one of the latest trends. Like most others, it will probably fade from popularity in time, but before it does, it offers you a decent opportunity to make good business.
Our hygge series: