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Take control of your bills

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take control of your bills

It is an exciting time moving into a new rental property. You have been waiting to get in, the background checks have been performed, funds transferred, contracts signed and you have the keys in your hand. Now it’s unpacking and putting your own ‘stamp’ on the place. However, before you can fully relax you need to sort out your suppliers and make sure you are in control of the bills.

Apart from the rent your main outgoings tend to be electricity, gas, contents insurance, water, council tax and phone (these days it’s home entertainment). What people tend to do is take the details of the previous tenant’s providers, contact them and open a new account. Then place all the documents in a folder and forget about them except when a bill comes through for payment.

Time for a change

Remove your reliance on that folder holding all the papers and do it via BeeMyMinder. We have made it easy to deal with the insurance, power, phone, broadband (tenancy agreement) etc by allowing people to:

1 – Choose the relevant policy from a drop-down list

2 – Fill in key information

3 – Set a reminder date

4 – Upload any supporting documents

All within 5 minutes. Simple, safe and quick (and at no charge).

For bills like water rates, council tax etc we have made it even easier. We have one option ‘YourBills’. All you need to basically add is what, when and how much. As there is no option to switch on these bills, the reminder system takes even less time.

But don’t take our word for…

I’ve been using this for a while now and it’s been great. Everything there all on one login. Simple and easy to use. Don’t see what the problem is. wish I’d thought of it – response to recent Mail on Sunday article.

You can add as many policies, agreements and bills you like. Some people use it as a household budget planner. You decide if an e-mail or text reminder is best (or both). So take control now and don’t be caught out with a bill that you weren’t expecting or a policy needing renewal that you forgot back. You have better things to do… like enjoying your new digs.

BeeMyMinder is pleased to have partnered with The Tenants Voice to support tenants and landlords with better renting experiences. Our service allows you to store tenants’ documents online (including all the bills) and we can also support landlords (our topic for next month).

We hope you found this article useful. Any questions, you can contact us here