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Time To Move On

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It can be stressful moving out of your rented accommodation, passing your inventory check, worrying whether you will get your bond back, having to pack and the move itself. One area that can be a real chore is the necessity to inform all the companies who provide service like utilities, insurance etc. Learn how BeeMyMinder can help take the hassle away.

Moving house can be a rewarding experience. The opportunity (hopefully) to move into a bigger and better place for you to enjoy. However, the planning and ‘loop-holes’ to jump through as a tenant can be stressful. Depending on your landlord you might be dreading the process. All you want to do is pass the inventory check-out, return the keys, get your deposit back and leave.

One area not too overlook is the need to contact all your supplier! Giving your gas and electricity supplier, the last reading. Your contents insurance and making sure your cover ends on the day you are moving; either cancel it or transfer it to your new digs. Your landline, broadband and satellite TV providers. How about the Water Company and Local Council? Your car needs its insurance cover changed, maybe notify the helpful garage who sends MOT / service reminders. There is also your clubs, sports and magazine subscriptions. How about any online memberships where you get your purchases delivered direct to your house including amazon, eBay or maybe your food shopping? What about the banks? How about any breakdown cover on your appliances? If your landlord has allowed you to keep pets, don’t forget their insurance needs changing too.

It can be just as tiring trying to find all the relevant paperwork (maybe you don’t have any) and having to contact them to inform them of your upcoming move. Well that is where BeeMyMinder makes life that little bit easier. What we offer is the ability to store all the key details pertaining to you all your agreements, policies and bills online. Who they are with, their contact details (most are automatically pre-filled in for you), an end date and an automatically set renewal reminder.

Then when it comes time to move out you simply login, go through your bills and contact each and every supplier. If you like, you can store extra notes to make life even easier, for example, those passwords to the provider’s login pages, or make a note which account the money is coming out of, and if its on direct debit that also needs cancelling.

The time it takes to set those up (less than 5 mins) pays off in the long run. The ability at the end of a tenancy to simply login and look up all the suppliers is very handy. No need to hunt around for paperwork or spend precious time searching the internet for contact details. Do it once and do it right.

We have people who have taken the time to load up all their main outgoings and now have the ability to sit back knowing they have save secure details or scanned documents online, accessible whenever they may be.

BeeMyMinder is pleased to have partnered with The Tenants Voice to support tenants and landlords with better renting experiences. Our service allows you to store tenants’ documents online (including all the bills) and set those handy reminders.

We hope you found this article useful. Any questions, you can contact us here

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