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Time to save money

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As a tenant there can be the ongoing money worries. Whether it’s the rent, water, council rates, insurance, utilities, phone, broadband etc. It can be daunting. Some are fixed in price so you can’t switch or negotiate better deals. But many are open to make savings from switching providers.

Switching Providers

Q: So why do so many people not switch? A: It is very easy to simply renewal, a no-brainer.

However, by renewing you pay more! No-brains. Remember, suppliers will not offer you a better deal because you are staying with them. They don’t reward loyalty.

What has happened though is that over the last few years different industries have been regulated to provide the public a much simpler means to compare options and switch. None of this 4-6 weeks to switch gas or electricity suppliers, or having to get a new mobile number if changing networks.

Alongside that are numerous online comparison sites that making the choice easier. Yes, they make money off the sale but in the long term they provide the cheapest deals. One of BeeMyMinder’s earliest blogs showed a £100 saving by using a comparison site, alongside other options. If we had renewed, we would have overpaid by £140.

So if it is easy to do and you save money, why don’t people switch or shop around? Three main reasons, no time, no knowledge, just lazy. BeeMyMinder can’t help the last one. We try to support the second, but we are set-up to help the first.

Why do people have no time?

In fact, we all have the same amount of time. It’s how you decide to spend your time that determines how busy you are. If people do not prioritise bill paying then they will moan ‘I’ve got no time’. The fundamental issue is that they don’t have a reminder to warn thems to take action. If you aren’t aware you current contents insurance is due then how can you take action? Then at the last minute you are informed (by current supplier) you’re about to be uninsured, the most obvious option is to quickly renew.

So set that reminder!

But how? With BeeMyMinder we make is easy.

1 – You set the date your contact / bill is due

2 – We automatically remind you (text and/or e-mail) 30 days before

3 – We provide another gentle reminder the day before too.

4 – We customise the message, for example, if it is going to ‘auto-renew’

5 – We also allow you to securely share it with your partner, fellow tenant etc, then they too get the alerts

We try to empower people to take control and have enough time to reflect on whether they still need the service, if their circumstances have changed and allowing them time to shop around. We have some providers we have partnered with offer deals too.

BeeMyMinder is pleased to have partnered with The Tenants Voice to support tenants and landlords with better renting experiences. Our service allows you to store tenants’ documents online (including all the bills) and set those handy reminders.

We hope you found this article useful. Any questions, you can contact us here

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