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End of tenancy cleaning

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to clean or not to clean end of tenancy cleaning

We all know how physically exhausting and stressful moving house is. After packing up numerous boxes and unpacking them in your new home it’s not surprising you don’t have the energy or inclination to do a deep clean of the property you’re vacating.

Don’t risk losing your deposit

If you don’t clean you face losing some of your deposit as all landlords will want the premises to be in perfect condition so they can rent it out straight away. This is a trap many tenants fall into as your definition of a professional deep clean may be completely different to that of your landlords.

In short EVERYTHING must be cleaned to a high standard including inside and outside of the cooker, fridge and all cupboards. A thorough cleanse of the whole bathroom including tiles, shower/bath and floor. All surfaces should be cleaned and polished and all floors mopped. You should also try to remove any staining to carpets or you could be charged (or have your deposit taken) to buy a replacement.

Professional end of tenancy cleaning services are not expensive

Cleaning is an essential part of moving from a rented property but it can be made easier if you pay a professional company who specialise in end of tenancy cleaning. They will get into all the nooks and crannies and effortlessly clean those hard to reach places, giving you the time to concentrate on moving and settling into your new home.

There are many professional cleaning companies who specialise in end of tenancy cleaning. Often they offer competitive rates and will do a thorough job meaning you’ve more chance of getting your deposit back.

The landlord might charge you infinitely more for end of tenancy cleaning

Research your local newspaper or do a search on the internet to find the best prices before making a decision.  There are some end of tenancy cleaning services that charge as little as £10 an hour which isn’t a great deal to pay for peace of mind. If your landlord charges you for a professional cleaning service because you haven’t left the property in the way you’d expect to find it, you could be charged a great deal more.

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