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(1/3) What is hygge and How it Can Make You Money

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Don’t bother, we’ve Googled it for you !

“Hygge” comes from Danish – pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah – yes, we look silly pronouncing it too – and means those special moments when you feel extremely cosy at the company of your favourite people (or not).

Think about a cold winter evening, when you’re inside wrapped in a blanket burrito and drink hot chocolate in front of the fireplace with your best friends. There are candles everywhere and everything smells of essential oils.

That’s Hygge ! (hueguuh !)

Hygge is tea in the sunny garden at 4 o’clock.

Hygge is Sunday morning coffee.

Hygge is snuggling with your lover on the sofa.

Hygge is candles and aromatherapy.

The Danish made a name for it because the weather often confined them indoors with friends and family. Instead of thinking of it as boredom, they decided to enjoy and cherish it and promote positive emotions.

There is some philosophy to it – teaching you to smell the roses and cherish moments that just feel good. But there is no training – no learning curve.

Why do you need to care about hygge ?

Hygge is one of those great examples of how to you take something that already exists, you put a foreign name on it and it instantly becomes super interesting and everybody wants to do it. This creates a viral trend which you can make use of by strategically offering products and services which are of popular demand.

It’s all about branding products and services that already exist with a fancy name and market them appropriately.

In 2016, “hygge” has risen to popularity in popular retail and service areas like:

  • Home decor
  • Clothing
  • Leisure
  • Food and beverage

If you already do business in one of those areas, and your products and services related to making people feel good alone or together, you can hop on your surfboard and ride this trend while the wave is still high.

There is work involved, as always, to rebrand some packaging, labels and introduce changes to your copywriting and marketing materials to incorporate the buzzword. However, you have no need to create entirely new products or think out of the box.

A popular idea is to bundle items together to create Hygge kits that people can just order and create a hygge experience. Think about taking a couple of candles, a few pre-selected aroma sticks, two pairs of knitted winter socks and a fluffy blanket. These are all ordinary items that people are used to seeing everywhere. However, grouped together and strategically packaged in a deluxe box with a couple of fliers that explain a bit about “hygge”, this instantly become a novelty package that looks great and offers an intimate experience with someone close.

This hygge bundle sounds and looks attractive. And, because it does, you use a larger margin of profit. If you combine it with thorough research for the best products at the lowest cost, you can make a mountain of money just by buying things online, bundling them and reselling with a smarter branding.

You can apply the same concept to many other things that promote emotional wellbeing. Here are some examples for you:

Hygge bed and breakfast – same concept but with an emphasis on coziness and well-being. Extra blankets, extra pillows, candles, aroma sticks, essential oils, dim lighting and lots of hot chocolate.

Hygge interior design – interior design with a focus on being comfortable and cosy at home. Incorporating fireplaces, “soft corners” where you can sit and lay down on the floor and be cosy and fluffy. Of course, the candles and aromatherapy are essential to this type of lifestyle.

Hygge food and beverages – Eating healthy has been widely discussed in the past couple of years. Eating pleasurably – less so. Hygge food and beverage is about creating a nice gastronomical experience, not necessarily the most healthy one. (bacon and crisps is not hygge…)
Our hygge series: