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(2/3) Why “hygge” is a Good Business Opportunity

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Our hygge series:

Hygge is the last piece of scandinavian culture to rise in popularity on the island. With more than 50% of brits considering themselves stressed and 1 in 6 adults experiencing some form of neurotic health problems every week, it makes perfect sense that hygge would be a huge success.

Brits are working long hours and spend a lot of time commuting. This accompanies with the daily chores at home leaves little to no time for relaxation and mental rest. Hygge is the perfect fit to solve a growing problem.

Comfort, security and friendly environment are all things that effectively counteract daily stress and allow you to relax and relieve tension built up during the day. Spending a few moments wrapped in a blanket sharing a hot cup of tea or coffee with somebody you love can quickly take the stress away from a hard day at work. Hygge is nothing revolutionary, but it reminds us to make time for comfort and intimacy.

Britons borrowing scandinavian lifestyle and design is certainly not a rare sight. We’ve been incorporating scandinavian functionality and simplicity in our lives for years. IKEA is practically in every home and more popular than John Lewis.

Brits have bought eight million Billy bookcases. One in five people sleep on an Ikea mattress, and it’s even been suggested that one in 10 babies are conceived in Ikea beds. (source).

There is also ABBA, Roxette and The Bridge – Scandinavian culture and The United Kingdom have a long lasting love.

So, it’s not unexpected that the Danes have a solution to our busy and stressful lifestyle – hygge.

How popular is hygge exactly ?

If Tesco and The White Company have already boarded the hygge bandwagon, you know it’s going to be something big. And you won’t be disappointed.

If you check Google Trends for hygge, you will see on the graph how it got some attention during the cold seasons of 2015, then as the weather got warmer, it fell out of favour and then spiked up immediately after the summer.

As the coldest day of the year are behind us, we will naturally observe the interest dropping to it’s lowest, but as the trends suggest the hygge crave will hit the markets in less than 6 months from now.

This makes just enough time to properly research and develop a business strategy and make sure you hit the ground running when the demand picks up.

In fact, hygge was so popular in 2016, that it is the second most looked up word by britons in the Collins dictionary. The first, of course, was Brexit.

There were nine books published in 2016 about hygge and the Danish way of life.

And here are some popular keywords in Google search:

Keyword Avg. monthly searches
Hygge 3,600
Hygge candle 590
Hygge book 6,600
Hygge living room 880
How to hygge 720

What do these numbers mean ?

The digital space is a reflection of the physical one. All internet trends show huge rise in popularity of the hygge concept and all related physical products and services. People want hygge.

If you have a business that deals with products like candles, fluffy home socks, blankets, pillows, bath salts, aroma sticks and essential oils, the list can go on… AND, you don’t already make use of hygge in your branding and marketing materials, you’re missing out on a big customer trend.

You can just enough time to do the research, prepare your new branding and marketing and hit the market full force immediately after summer.

The best thing about this is you can invest as much or as little time and money into this type of business. Just reselling products from Ali Express into a different marketplace can turn into a successful venture.

You can work part time on a small e-bay resell operation to help out the income from your day job. Or, you can also setup a low cost digital shop, where you offer carefully selected products and create your own trends and establish a growing brand.

Either way, you’re only changing the scale, not the method. Remember, all you’re doing is taking something that exists and you’re wrapping it in a name which is popular and in high demand.


Hyggebox is doing a little bit of both. Subscribers to the service receive a carefully selected Hyggebox every month. The box contains the most popular candles, teas, fluffy and knitted stuff to give you quick access to the experience, without having to shop around for it.

The company sets a perfect example of how to piggyback on an emerging trend and own the market by supplying the right selection of otherwise ordinary products. It also addresses the issue of british busyness *cough* laziness *cough*.

There is plenty of other ideas to approach and hygge is just picking up speed. The fall of 2017 will see the biggest craze for hygge related products and services. There is plenty of space in this niche yet, but if you don’t get on it this year, you might be looking at a lost opportunity to do good business.
Our hygge series: