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Winter Worries

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The nights are drawing in, the temperature is dropping and soon daylight savings would have finished for 2016. It can be a period of doom and gloom as many start and finish work in the dark and worry about utility bills and upcoming Christmas commitments.

If renting, then this time of the year can be even more stressful as fuel bills creep up as we turn on (and turn up) our heating, have hotter showers and keep the lights on longer. Not too forget the unfortunate situation that you fire up the boiler for it conk out or that it needs a service.

At BeeMyMinder we try not only to provide individuals a place to stay on top of the bills and agreements with easy and safe online storage and reminders, but also provide some helpful advice on sort of topics. A blog for this month is tips on lowering your power bills.

This is the best time of the year to take control of your power and make conscious decisions that can help to save you money. As simple tricks can save money in the long run. Also, if you know that there is work the landlord needs to carry out e.g fix those drafts, heating is not working correctly, damp areas need attention etc then step up and get it sorted now.

Another key way to save a lot of money and have peace of mind is contacting your current energy supplier to confirm you are on the best tariff. By law they must advise you of the most appropriate package for you (rather than sell you the most profitable). By simply making a 5-10 minute call you could wipe hundreds off your power bills.

To get the best deal you must feel comfortable in locking into a longer period e.g. 12-18 months, pay by debit debt and agree to receive online statements. Make sure to use BeeMyMinder to save these details and set a reminder too for when the tariff ends.

If you have no luck with your current provider then shop around. There are suppliers willing to take on new clients and offer competitive introductory deals. Try services like USwitch or major players like FirstUtility.

Apart from your rent, energy is one of largest monthly outgoings for most households so either try to reduce your power consumption or make the commitment to secure a better rate.

BeeMyMinder is pleased to have partnered with The Tenants Voice to support tenants and landlords with better renting experiences. Our service allows you to store tenants’ documents online (including all the bills) and set those handy reminders.

We hope you found this article useful. Any questions, you can contact us here

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