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Your deposit is protected

We found a record of your deposit at . Visit the link to review your deposit. Your landlord could have made errors in the procedure.

  • Misspelling your name or not adding all tenants on the record.
  • Not protecting the full amount which you paid.
  • Taking more than 30 days to submit your deposit in the scheme.
  • Not providing you with a pack of information about the deposit scheme.

You can contact our free advice service for help. Simply press the button and our team of consultants contact you about your deposit.

Your deposit is not protected

We checked all three schemes, but we didn't find a record of your deposit. The law requires your landlord to protect your deposit in a government-backed scheme within 30 days from taking the money. You need to receive a pack of prescribed information.

If your deposit is not protected, your landlord is liable for a penatly. You may claim compensation between 1x and 3x the original deposit.

Press the button below to get contacted about your deposit! A team of consultants will review your case and advise you on your options.

Fast facts about your deposit:

  • Your landlord is solely reponsible for protecting your deposit.
  • They can choose one of three schemes - MyDeposits, TDS or DPS.
  • After receiving your deposit, your landlord has 30 days to protect it.
  • You should receive detailed information about the deposit scheme.
  • Failure in either step will make your landlord liable for a penalty.
  • You can claim between 1x and 3x the original deposit.

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My last landlord tried to get my whole deposit with false charges and intimidations. The Tenants' Voice helped me learn my rights and react to the situation quickly. I got most of my deposit back and away from that stressful situation.
Now, I'm more confident in dealing with my new landlord and things are working out.
Brian Maxwell
The Tenants' Voice is a great website with tons of useful information for tenants. It's good to have a reliable source of information !
George Knight