Do you want more security and protection of your money?

At The Tenants’ Voice, we’re always looking for ways to help tenants get more satisfaction from their renting lives. That’s why we’ve partnered with We Find Lodgers to grant you access to a fresh new room finding service. Get the room of your dreams with benefits typically available to private renters on AST. Register your interest for a room and rediscover lodging how it was always meant to be.

Find a room from vetted landlords, get your deposit protected and best of all – NO LETTING FEES. Read on below to learn more about this unique opportunity.

Find the room of your dreams with We Find Lodgers

free of charge

No letting fees

All services provided for lodgers are free of charge. There are no letting fees, taxes, or charges to find and rent a room through We Find Lodgers.


Fully accredited lodging specialists

Work with fully licensed and accredited professionals. We Find Lodgers are specialised letting agents for lodging accommodation. Get the service you deserve !

Lodger's deposit protection

All customers of We Find Lodgers get their deposit protected in a deposit protection scheme – Lodger Deposit Guard. Your money will be secured as if renting via an AST.


Top to bottom tenancy inventory

Prior to moving in, a full property inventory will be performed for you, so you can have peace of mind during your tenancy and claim your deposit successfully when you leave.

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Vetted rooms and landlords

A local viewing agent will inspect the room and verify it’s accurately depicted before you get a chance to see it. All landlords are vetted prior to making their properties available.

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No credit score required

You don’t need to provide any credit rating to rent a room. All you have to prove is stable income sufficient to cover your living expenses.

Find your next room ! Get amazing benefits when renting with We Find Lodgers.

Deposit protection, professional management, inventory and NO LETTING FEES !

Rediscover life as a lodger with We Find Lodgers !

Are you one of UK’s 1.7 million lodgers ? Do you want more security and protection of your money ? Of course you do !

Lodgers are the least protected tenants in the UK renting sphere. They don’t have almost any of the rights bestowed to private Assured shorthold tenants (tenants who rent the whole property). What little rights lodgers have are defined in their lodger agreement.

However, landlords can almost arbitrarily choose the terms of the lodger agreement, provided their live-in landlord is prepared to sign one. Considering that most lodger landlords are homeowners, who are looking for some help with their own costs, it’s safe to assume that they are, in general, not professionals.

This makes lodgers less aware of their legal rights and obligations and less likely to deal with contracts and other legal procedures.

We Find Lodgers vets all landlords who sign up to find lodgers. Every room is reviewed by a local agent before it is offered to you. A professional inventory is performed before you move in, so you can claim back your deposit when you leave.

Deposit protection for lodgers

In the end, lodgers have to be prepared to live a nomadic life and frequently move from room to room. It’s obvious that most lodgers need to manage on a thin budget. This makes it essential for them to get their deposit back when leaving, because it will be needed for the next room or property.

However, as lodger landlords are not required to protect the lodger’s deposit, they are extremely vulnerable to abuse and unfair deductions.

This is a classic setup for a Catch 22 scenario where the lodger is forced to move, but they cannot get their deposit or a significant part of it back, which is needed for them to pay the deposit on their new room.

If you rent with We Find Lodgers, you will get your deposit protected in Lodger Deposit Guard. It works just like the DPS – your landlord pays insurance to the scheme which in turn guarantee you can claim your money back when you leave the room. Even if your landlord denies to return your deposit, you can still rely on Lodger Deposit Guard !

The security you deserve

We believe that lodgers deserve at least the basic financial security of having their deposits protected. However, the law only requires for landlords of assured shorthold tenants to protect their deposits. And while we cannot change the law on our own, we’ve partnered with We Find Lodgers Ltd. to offer a solution at zero cost.

How would you like to live as a lodger and receive:

  • Rent a room managed by professional letting agents (no letting fees)
  • Get the room checked and approved prior to your move
  • Get your deposit protected in Lodger Deposit Guard
  • Get assessed via proof of income, not credit record
  • Get a free inventory done, including photos and floor plan

No this is not a dream. We’re making it happen thanks to our partnership with We Find Lodgers Ltd. If you want to sign up and be contacted about renting a room, fill in the room below and we’ll be in touch shortly. It’s absolutely free and non-binding!

Find the room of your dreams ! The security every lodger deserves.

I live in Manchester but work in London Mon - Fri. This website helped me find a great priced room to go back to after work. I'm not there for the weekend so it's the perfect deal.
Peter Bennett
We Find Lodgers helped me find a great room to live in. The landlord is very relaxed and respects my personal space. My last landlord almost took my door one night when we got hammered.
Benjamin Cox

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