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Letting agent fees are unfair and a huge burden on moving tenants who already have big financial hurdles.  The ban on letting fees is on its way, but it’s not coming until 2019. Until then, you have to pay an average of £202 and up to hundreds more on each move.

This is why we’re so excited to bring you this opportunity ! Our partners at Yooodle can help you find a new rented property and move without paying a single penny in letting fees. Drop everything that you’re doing and find your next rental property with our partners at Yooodle.

A letting agent who works for tenants too ! Yooodle charges no move in fees to tenants when finding and managing properties for them.

No moving in fees !

Tenants pay no move-in fees to Yooodle. A holding deposit is collected, which is later recouped. On occasions, a move-out inventory may be necessary, which is covered by the tenant at the end of the tenancy.

Shed hundreds off every move

Yooodle eliminates all moving and management letting agent fees. This saves renters an average of £202 pounds per tenancy, just by choosing the right letting agent.

From tenants for tenants

Many of Yooodle’s staff members and the founder are tenants. The service is created by likeminded people tackling the true problems of renting.

Online or in person

Yooodle is investing heavily in technology, bringing that 21st century property hunting experience to, and combines it with real life office locations, giving you the experience you’re looking for.

triple layer security

Professional and accredited agent

Rest assured, as Yooodle bares the mark of established industry bodies like ARLA, NAEA, The Property Ombudsman and Client Money Protection

Available around the clock

At your side when you need them. Yooodle staff members can cater to your needs 24/7 on chat and email and 07:00-22:00 on the phone.

Save hundreds of pounds off your next move by ditching the letting fees !

Moving doesn't need to be so expensive. Find your next rental property with Yoоodle !

Tired of paying letting agent fees ? Try Yooodle !

Letting agent fees are a huge burden for moving tenants. The national average is £202 per tenant, but in reality many tenants pay hundreds more for each move ! The average letting agent fee in Wokingham Borough Council are £265 per tenant and you can expect to pay an average of £400 for the tenancy commencing in Surrey and South West London.

Some of these costs are ludicrous. The ban on letting fees is progressing but not as fast as every tenant wishes.

How about NO FEES ?

While we’re waiting for a government-led solution, the private rented sector offers a fresh take on solving the letting fees problem. Yooodle is a fresh, London & Surrey-based, letting agent which operates a unique business model.

Yooodle charges no move-in or management fees to tenants, when finding and renting properties through them. Tenants need to pay a holding deposit which is contributed towards the security when the tenancy begins. Everything else, including the referencing, tenancy agreement and management services come at no extra cost for the renter.

Just the right amount of everything

Yooodle is well-engineered, precise machine. Every part works efficiently to create a happy user experience and bring a smile to people’s faces when they most need it. Yooodle invests in it’s staff and ensures they are well trained and ready to tackle the most complicated housing situation.

You can rest assured you’re working with accredited professionals. Yooodle bares the marks of ARLA, NAEA, The Property Ombudsman and Client Money Protection. This means they get training and qualification from established industry bodies. Tenants can’t just rely on a trustworthy agent. That’s why Yooodle is part of a redress scheme and has public liability insurance, offering tenants real security.

Are you tired of paying hundreds of pounds on letting agent fees ? Do you want a rental property without any fees ?

My last agent took £320 for moving, references and admin fees and did nothing to help us when our heating was out for two weeks. I'm glad agents are making a turn from that awful practice.
Margareth Show
Lived in a student HMO flat with two friends. The agent raked 800 quid from the three of us. Ridiculous.. Yooodle found us a great new flat for free, basically.
Jordy Brown

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