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We’re always looking for ways to help tenants get more satisfaction from their renting lives. That’s why we’ve partnered with Y-cam to bring you amazing deals on smart home security hardware tailored for tenants. Click this link and purchase your smart outdoor security camera- Y-cam HD Pro. Use code TTV20 to get 20% off the price on checkout.

It’s a powerful, weatherproof camera that will help you protect your home from intrusion. Read on below to learn how!

Feel safe again with smart home security cameras by Y-cam !

cloud storage

FREE 7 day video cloud storage

Access a 7-day backlog of videos recorded by the Evo in your only account. Save the clips that matter. Customers get this feature FREE for 1 year after purchase. To continue to access this feature after the promo period, a monthly subscription is required.


Motion-activated recordings

Y-cam HD Pro lets you know what is going on around your home when you’re not there. The camera is motion triggered and starts recording when movement is detected.

security camera

Your private eyes and ears

Access the camera from your app on any device and hear and see everything that’s going on outside your house. Wide angle 100-degree field of view helps you monitor bigger areas with just one camera.

instant notifications

Instant alerts and notifications

Get alerts and notification instantly on your smartphone via the Internet. Access your video cameras instantly and watch a 7-day backlog of recordings, including the moments leading up to each event.

Robust and weatherproof

Y-Cam HD Pro is durable and weatherproof up to IP66 International standard. It can take the harshest British weather and is perfect to place in outdoor areas like the garden or driveway.

hd videos

Crystal clear images

Y-cam HD Pro records in HD resolution (1280 x 720), allowing you to see every detail.  24 infra-red lights activate at nighttime to give you clear vision up to 15 metres away from the camera.

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State of the art home security technology tailored for renters !

Y-cam HD Pro is very sturdy, smart outdoor security camera. Best suitable for houses with some outdoor space. It’s got a durable shell and is weatherproof up to IP66 International standard, meaning it’s completely protected from dust and powerful water jets. The HD Pro is perfect to place in the driveway, garden or outside of your front door. It can take even the harshest British weather.

The package comes ready to install with all connectors and cables you need and handy step by step instructions. There is only one cable to run that powers the camera and provides connection to the Internet.

FREE 7-day cloud video storage

The camera operates via secured cloud connection and uploads video recording directly to your account. The camera is motion-triggered, meaning it starts recording if it detects movement.  With strategic placement, you can have reliable surveillance over any outdoor area that’s important to you.

You get to enjoy FREE cloud video storage for a 7-day window. After a week, the videos get deleted, however, you can download them to file, giving you permanent ownership of the recording. The weekly video storage is available for 1 year after purchasing FOR FREE. Afterwards, there will be a monthly subscription to continue using the feature.

Alternatively, you can always use the app to link directly to the camera and see and hear everything that happens in its 100-degree field of view. A single button is pressed to begin recording up to 5 minutes of your live stream.

Putting the smart in smart technology

When the Y-cam HD Pro DOES activate to record a video, you will receive an instant notification on your device and will be prompted to take action if something troubling is happening. Sometimes you will just get a cute video of your pooch chewing on something they probably are not allowed to, but that’s part of the deal.

Enjoy sharp crystal clear images even in total darkness. The camera is equipped with 24 infra-red lights that activate at night time, allowing it to see in pitch-black environment up to 15 metres away.

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Excellent cameras and interface. Easy to set up and easy to view live or recorded footage.
Would be better if my broadband service was faster but not Y-cam's issue.
James Surrey
Really great. For the money this is a great, reliable system. I've been using it for a month and I'm really happy with it - I've just ordered extra remotes and another sensor.
Emma Kane

*Use code: TTV20 to get 20% OFF Y-cam products (Excluding Y-cam Plus subscription service). Read the terms and condition at the checkout page before you purchase.

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