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We’re always looking for ways to help tenants get more satisfaction from their renting lives. That’s why we’ve partnered with Y-cam to bring you amazing deals on smart home security hardware tailored for tenants. Click this link and purchase your own, easy to install, smart home alarm system – Y-cam Protect. Use code TTV20 to get 20% off the price on checkout.

It’s absolutely the best home security product for renters. Read on below to learn why!

Feel safe again with integrated home security solutions by Y-cam !

triple layer security

Triple Layer™ security

Your Y-cam Protect system remains operational, even if your Internet is down or the power is cut. A built-in SIM card, Internet, and 8-hour battery backup ensure you’re always protected.

smart home

Total control

Stay in control wherever you are via the free Y-cam app on iOS or Android. You can view recent activity, change settings, manage sensors and also arm/disarm remotely whenever you need.

expandable system

Expandable system

Tailor the system to your personal needs! Start with a basic pack and add as many sensors and remotes as you like to fully protect what matters to you.

instant notifications

Instant alerts and notifications

Get alerts and notification instantly on your smartphone via Internet. Access your video cameras and watch a backlog of recordings.

easy setup

Extremely easy to install

Get your entire house protected in under 20 minutes. Instant sensor set up – no running wires, no drilling holes, no professional installer required. Step by step instructions on configuring your system.

integrated solution

Complete integrated solution

You Y-cam protect combines a variety of detection methods working together to protect your home from any intrusion. Includes motion detectors, contact detectors, internal and external cameras.

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y cam protect together
y cam protect sensor
y cam protect sensor
y cam protect

State of the art home security technology tailored for renters !

Having a robust security system that prevents trespassers on multiple levels is no longer a luxury. We’ve partnered with smart home security company Y-cam to give tenants an opportunity to improve the safety and security of their home at a lower price. You can benefit from our partnership with 20% discount on Y-cam Protect alarm systems and Y-cam Cameras.

Y-cam takes home security to the digital age with their smart, cloud-enabled products. Tenants benefit greatly from the features of this alarm system.

Y-cam Protect

The Y-cam Protect is a multi-layer home security system. It uses an array of miniature sensors that you can place in key locations around your home. They are all connected to a central hub, which is the brain of the entire system. The hub is then connected via secure cloud server to the Internet, where it can be accessed and managed remotely via your smartphone and an app.

This enables you to manage your alarm from anywhere. More importantly, the alarm is able to notify you at the instant when a sensor is triggered, so you can take the adequate decision to either turn the alarm off or take precautions.

Wire-free Installation

The most significant benefit for tenants is the wireless setup. The central hub and all sensors battery operated and can run exceptionally without a single wire being routed around your home. All components can be mounted via embedded sticky pads, so you don’t need to drill any holes in the walls.

This is very important for renters because they usually need to seek permission from the landlord to drill holes and modify the property. With Y-cam Protect, no permission is required and it doesn’t hurt your deposit at the end of the tenancy.

And, when you decide to pack and go, it’s just as easy to take your alarm system with you. Simply pull the sensors off their location and stick them in your new property. Setup takes only a few minutes. It’s that easy !

Triple layer security

Any good burglar will attempt to cut your power and Internet lines before going in your property. Y-cam Protect has a battery, Internet and SIM card* backup, so it’s able to operate against all odds.

There are two types of sensors. The access sensor can be placed on doors, windows, locked chests or boxes and will go off when the two parts lose contact – meaning that the thing you’ve closed has been opened. The motion sensor detects movement and will go off the instant somebody gets in range. It’s best placed near entrances, or in bottlenecks, where there is no chance to dodge it’s operating field.

When a sensor goes off, you will receive a phone call and if you don’t answer, then Y-cam will automatically contact a preferred number to check-in on you.

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Excellent cameras and interface. Easy to set up and easy to view live or recorded footage.
Would be better if my broadband service was faster but not Y-cam's issue.
James Surrey
Really great. For the money this is a great, reliable system. I've been using it for a month and I'm really happy with it - I've just ordered extra remotes and another sensor.
Emma Kane

*Use code: TTV20 to get 20% OFF Y-cam products (Excluding Y-cam Plus subscription service). Read the terms and condition at the checkout page before you purchase.

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